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>>> Welcome to our website. 3E Automation designes and produces end-of-line automation systems with 20 years automation background. To read more about us please click...
>>> 3E Automation has built many successfull packaging and palletizing systems which are in operation for many years. To download example videos of our applications, please click....
>>> NEWS: 3E designed a new model 1 kg vertical packing machine. This new model provides high productivity with compact design. For more information, please click...

Robotic palletizing systems

Our company is the system integrator of the world leader robotic palletizer company, FujiI Robotics. The robotic palletizer is the fastest one among all the robotic palletizing solutions providing 1500 cycle/hour speed capacity.>>>

Case packing systems

Our production includes case erectors, two or three axis case packing robots, conventional case packers, case closing units. Bag-in-box, bottle-in-box, box-in-box packing >>>

Stretch Hood Machines

Stretch Hood Machine stretches the film and applies it to the pallet. In stretch hood application the film covers the pallet load from four lines and the top which provides superior protection from environmental conditions, and perfect stabilization >>>

25 kg Packing machines

All types of powder and granulated products are weighed accurately and filled into the bags via vertical packing machines. The bags between 5 kg and 25 kg can be filled with this machine. >>>

Big Bag Filling Machines

With two step weighing and filling system, the rapid and secure filling of the product into the bulk bag is provided. The nachine is controlled through touch screen HMI. >>>

Packaging Line

All tpes of powder and granulated products are packed, filled into the carton boxes, palletized and stretch wrapped automatically on a single line with a continuous operation. >>>

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