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3E İs the system integrator of the Fuji Ace Palletizing robots which is the most widely used palletizing robot in the world. FUJI ACE palletizing robots are compilation of years of Research and development. This technologically advanced robots offer capacity rates up to 26cycles per minute and a payload weight of 200kg. These points plus other advantages place Fuji as the premier solution to a highly competitive market place.

This new generation robots provide ultra quiet operation, improved efficiencies, and maximum flexibility that accompany “high speed” palletising technology.

Fuji Ace robots are specially designed for palletizing operation and more than 11.000 palletizing systems were installed all over the world.

Why Fuji ACE?>>>

Videos >>>

ROBOT MODELS  Please click on the robot pictures to see the details.

Special End Effectors are designed to handle all kinds of products.


25 kg bag palletizing
Consrtuction chemicals,
Powder Bag palletizing
Cement industry,
Box palletizing
Food & Beverage Industry
Can palletizing
Ceramic Industry
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