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Full automatic Case Packing Systems

In a production facility, the highest labor cost appears at the end of the line. Especially case erecting-filling-closing operations are performed manualy which costs a lot of time and money.  Automation in case packing produce can provide:

  • 4 times faster operation
  • Prevention from man foults
  • Reduction in labor costs
  • Minimizes the occupational health and safety risks

Depending on the production capacity, the payback period of the whole system differs from 6 months to 2 years. The case packing system is full automatic. The carton boxes are placed at the carton magazine of the case erector machine where they are erected and bottom sealed automatically. Then the products are collated and places into the carton boxes and the the top of the boxes are sealed. The sealing can be performed with tape or hot-melt glue. Only one operator is enough to control the whole system.

Customized Solutions

Every product has a special packing style. Therefore it is more effective to design the case packing system specially for the product to be packed rather than a standard case packing system. A customized solution is designed according to the product type, packing type, capacity and case packing pattern.



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